POK Refer-a-Friend Program FAQs

Find answers to your frequently asked questions about the P.O.K. Refer-a-Friend program below.


Who is eligible for P.O.K.’s Refer-a-Friend program?

Everyone who has valid addresses within the United States are eligible to sign up for the P.O.K. Refer-a-Friend program.

How does it work?

Sign-up and refer a friend through the P.O.K. Refer-a-Friend Program. Once that friend makes a purchase, you will be given a USD$20 credit to use on a future P.O.K. purchase. In order to use your store credit, you will need to create a POK account before you can receive the store credit.

What benefits will I receive?

You will receive a $20 store credit for each successful referral.

How many times can I receive a reward?

There is no limit to the rewards you could receive. Each successful referral will earn you another $20 store credit. Refer as many friends as you’d like!

How do I participate?

To participate, you must sign-up to the program and refer a friend through the Refer-a-Friend Program page.

How do I sign up?

If you already have a P.O.K. account: Log in to your account and click on the “Refer A Friend” tab.

If you do not have a P.O.K. account: Go to the Refer-a-Friend Program page and enter your e-mail.

How do I send my referrals?

P.O.K.'s Refer-a-Friend program is extremely user-friendly, and sending invitations couldn’t be quicker or easier. There are two ways to send your referrals:

1) You can send the link you receive on your e-mail account when you register to the program.

2) Go to the Refer-a-Friend Program page and send invitations via your preferred platform—email, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn—directly from the Refer-a-Friend interface.

What conditions must be met for my referral to be valid?

No previous purchase of your own is necessary. Please note that the person to whom you have sent your referral must not have previously created a profile, or made a purchase from P.O.K. and must access P.O.K.’s website to shop through the link received. If the person to whom you send your link does not meet these stipulations, you will not be eligible to receive a reward for this specific referral.

What happens if my referral receives another referral from someone else?

The P.O.K. Refer-a-Friend emails each contain a link unique to the original sender of that invitation. Should your referral receive a P.O.K. Refer-a-Friend email invitation from multiple senders, the store credit will be issued to the person whose unique identifier is ultimately used by the referred person.

How long will it take to receive my reward?

The store credit will be issued 28 days after your referral completes and receives their first purchase, provided your referral does not return their entire order.

Will my rewards expire?

Your $20 Store credit is valid for 6 months from the date of issue and may only be redeemed on the US version of pokfashion.com.

Can I use more than one credit on my P.O.K. purchases?

Yes! Once a $20 credit is added to your account, they can be used to make purchases on pokfashion.com partially or wholly up to the total amount you have been credited.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my account?

Contact care@pokfashion.com should you have any questions.

I forgot my Refer-a-Friend login information.

Please visit the login page and click the forgot password button to retrieve it.

How do I change my personal information?

to your account to change your profile information.

I referred someone by word of mouth. Can I still receive the Refer-a-Friend credit?

We appreciate your taking the time to tell your friends about pokfashion.com, but, unfortunately, only referrals made and confirmed through the POK Refer-a-Friend program are eligible for store credits.

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